Residential Services

My Roof offers numerous services, specifically tailored to assist you with any repair you might find necessary on your personal property. Our commitment is simple: to help you fix the problem with your budget and satisfaction in mind.


Although we are a General Contractor specializing in a variety of trades, our most comprehensive department revolves around roofing. Our team of over 50 installers, delivers a state of the art product, using the materials of your choice. Our projects are typically done within a day, including clean up and material haul off. More information can be found under the “Residential’ tab, above.


Whether you simply want to fix one damaged window or replace all the windows on your home, we can do it both. Our specialized contractors can install single pane, insulating glass, storm glass, or specialty windows, in standard and custom sizes. If water is leaking through one of your windows and a more budget friendly option is preferred, our glass technicians are trained to find the entry way of the water and seal your window all around.


It is not uncommon for us to see broken skylights, especially after a heavy hail storm. For this reason, My Roof provides you with the ability to have those skylights replaced with either the same quality you had on before, or with an upgraded, hail resistant version. If you currently do not have skylights and want more light in your living room, we can also install skylights were there are non-existing.


Screens are easily damaged by hail, wind, and even daily wear-and-tear as tree branches rub against them. For this reason, our contractors have a large amount of experience in quickly creating and installing screens. If your living room gets too hot in the summer and you decide on having solar screens installed to reduce your electricity bill and darken your living space, we can also provide you a quote for that.


AC covers and fins are easily prone to damage during hail storms. Although most always the damage will be cosmetic, My Roof still gives you the ability of performing those repairs through us, especially as they are commonly found in your loss report.


Occasionally, a severe storm may cause a leak, damaging the ceiling, walls, and even your carpet. Regardless of the cause, we are able to repair and replace whatever is damaged. My Roof will provide you material and color choices before beginning the work. If you want to re-carpet more than what is in your scope of loss, we can provide you with a quote for that as well.


In recent years, we have seen a spike in homeowners who were wanting to install flooring were they previously had carpet. Based on the high demand, we have an excellent team of contractors which can handle all your requests and give you choices specific to your budget and preferences.


Severe wind storms can tear shutters off homes. Our trained professionals will re-attach and re-stain your shutters. If they are broken, we can create new ones for all your windows, or simply match the ones that were unaffected.


My Roof can serve all your painting needs, on the inside and outside of your home. Our experienced painters are trained to work on houses of all shapes and sizes and can either match your home’s pre-existing color and texture or do an entirely new look of your choice.


The Dallas Fort Worth area is notorious for heavy bouts of rain and a good gutter system is an absolute necessity. My Roof can match previously installed gutters or install an entirely new gutter system on homes that don’t have any pre-existing. Our gutters come in either a 5-inch or 6-inch width, and a variety of colors. If your facia has a unique shade that we don’t carry in stock, our painters can easily paint the gutters to match.


Many of our homeowners have beautiful properties, full of trees and lush yards. However, during the fall months, leaves can block gutter systems, causing damage to the fascia of the home, and potentially, even the foundation. To avoid such complications, My Roof can install gutter guards and prevent a costly problem. Our gutter guard installation is quick, simple, and inexpensive.


Over time, the siding, trim, soffit, and fascia boards on your home will rot. Our team of siding specialists can replace the wood on any portion of your home and give you the “brand new” look your home hasn’t had in years. We may also provide you with a quote for an upgraded material, such as hardie board, if you are interested.


Squirrels and branches are known to cause damage to chimney siding. For this reason, My Roof is able to complete your siding repairs regardless of the height of your chimney. We will carefully match the paint on your chimney to the rest of your house, for a uniform appearance.


Sometimes storms can cause damage to small items, making it difficult for you to find general contractors in Plano to fix them. Whether it’s a broken doorbell button, broken glass on a light fixture, or even a squeaking turbine, we’re here to help. If the trade you need help with is offered by our team, we will never say no, regardless of how large or small your job may be!


In recent years, we have seen our customers wanting us to install sliding gates for ease of access and to enlarge their back yards. For this reason, we have a team of professionals ready to fulfill your plans! By using top of the line materials and motors, our sliding gates will stand strong for years to come! All of our gates come with two remotes and are customizable to the exact specifications you draw out.


Storms occasionally cause damage to aluminum and wooden garage doors. Whether they need to be fixed, replaced, re-painted, or re-stained, our team of trusted contractors is ready to serve your needs.


Wear and tear over the years can cause driveways to crack and become unlevel. Being a general contractor, we have had numerous requests, over the years, to redo driveways and can proudly say that we have perfected our craft. Our driveways are durable, even, and guaranteed to bring a “new” look to your home.


Due to an increasing number of our clients calling us back, inquiring about pool decks, we have decided to meet their requests. My Roof is now proud to build durable pool decks made of wood or concrete! In addition, homeowners have the option of adding a cooling, slip resistant coating, in the color of their choice, for those hot summer days.


Our team of fence contractors are also able to build new fences, to last for years to come. All our fences are built on metal posts, fixed in concrete, to guarantee maximum durability. Homeowners are given the option of a side-by-side or board-on-board fence, depending on their budget and preferences, and can choose whether they want a 6ft or 8ft tall fence, as well as their preferred wood type. Any additional details such as top caps or specialty designs, can also be added.


If your fence is damaged by hail and requires a new coat of stain, our team of professionals will gladly power-wash and re-stain it. Your project manager will guide you through the color options and various stain brands before starting the work to ensure your absolute satisfaction. Our contractors cover any portions of your property that might be affected by the staining process and relocate anything that can be easily moved such as patio furniture and grills. Should the conditions be exceedingly windy on the day staining is scheduled to begin, My Roof will postpose the process by a day, to make certain that our team will be able to distribute the stain evenly and without defect.