Choosing the right commercial roofer is crucial to your business’s success. A poorly coordinated roof installation can delay your company’s productivity and even ruin the future of the business if performed improperly. By using only in-house roofers who are able cover more than 100,000 square feet of surface area per day, you can be certain that My Roof will provide you with the quality and punctuality you expect. My Roof LLC is the best commercial roofing contractors in Plano, TX.

Best Commercial Roofing Services

Aluminum roofing is often chosen by commercial property owners as it is durable, fire-proof, and wind resistant. With many fires starting from rooftops during lighting storms, having a storm-resistant roof is more important in the DFW than anywhere else in the United States. My Roof offers state-of-the-art installations on aluminum roofing systems and can apply additional protective coatings to further prolong the life of your new roof. Although aluminum roofs can be installed on a variety of properties, we found that we most commonly install such roofs on churches and schools. If you currently have an aluminum roof on your property or are thinking about having one installed, give us a call—we’d enjoy answering your questions and offering you our professional advice.

Although we can install any brand of shingles, there are certain manufacturers that we gravitate towards as their quality throughout the years has remained unmatched. These manufacturers produce shingles that are thick, durable, have an excellent wind rating and algae protection, and most importantly, have minimal granule loss over time. Have one of our general contractors show you the differences in shingle brands and the importance of choosing the right shingle for your home type.

Additionally, My Roof will also guide you through the process of choosing the type of asphalt shingle you need. Some of the choices you have are 3-tab shingles, 30-year warranted shingles, class 4 shingles, or designer shingles, depending on your budget and HOA requirements. Call your My Roof specialist and ask about our class 4 shingles—most insurance companies will give you a premium discount once we send in proof that you have an “impact-resistant” roofing system over your home.

TPO roofing is the most common type of roofing system found on commercial properties with flat roofs. This roofing type is durable, recyclable, and energy efficient, making it the number one choice for many business owners. Nevertheless, TPO cannot be installed on all roofs. Furthermore, TPO roofing is more elaborate than other roofing systems and requires proper installation from a highly trained and qualified company. My Roof is proud to offer TPO as an option for your next roofing system. Call us today to find out more about our process and to receive a complimentary inspection to evaluate whether your property qualifies for TPO roofing.

Once the roof is completed, our workers will thoroughly sweep your yard with an industrial magnetic roller and collect all trash. Should we accidentally overlook any aspect of the clean-up process, please call your project manager and they will resolve any issues, immediately.

My Roof prioritizes quality over cost, meaning that we would rather minimize our profit margins than deliver an average product. Therefore, we do a few complimentary upgrades that will prolong the life of your roof and significantly minimize the possibility for leaks.

Synthetic Underlayment: Most homes have a layer of paper felt to protect their decking. Unfortunately, paper felt can lead to leaks which can almost always be avoided through the use of synthetic underlayment—a water-proof, tear-proof, synthetic barrier which we use to cover your entire roof.

Ice and Water Shield. Most roofing contractors neglect the valleys when installing a roof. That is a great mistake as valleys are areas with a high amount of water traffic, which must have an extra layer of protection to ensure maximum security. By using the “Ice and Water Shield,” we are creating a water tight seal in the valleys, “fusing” your shingles to your decking and eliminating any chance for water to protrude.

We maintain high-scores and verified reviews from our paying and happy customers; we wear that badge with pride.

Each of our roofers is expertly trained and has years of experience. We only select the best of the best.

We keep our business license up to date and work closely with the city to ensure we are always within the best practices.