Residential Roofing vs. Commercial Roofing

For an untrained eye, all roofs are the same, whether residential or commercial, but that’s not how it is. Commercial and residential roofs differ in their design, materials used, and maintenance.
Here we highlight the key differences between both types to help you make informed decisions when installing or replacing your roof.

Commercial and residential roof designs differ mainly in size and shape. Commercial roofs are usually massive as they cover a lot of surface area. They either have a low slope or they are flat. Because of this, they require more routine inspections and maintenance. Meanwhile, residential roofs are comparatively smaller and have steep slopes, so they require less maintenance.

Materials used in both commercial and residential roofs vary in terms of their cost and lifespan. Usually, commercial roofs are flat and are designed with tiles, metal, and ethylene propylene diene monomer. Meanwhile, residential roofs can use various materials such as wood, metal, asphalt, and metal concrete tiles.
Owners have many options for residential roofing, not just regarding materials but also colors and designs. People give more importance to aesthetics when installing residential roofing in Plano, but they want durability and convenience with commercial roofing.

As commercial roofs have more surface area, it’s easy to miss out on damages during routine inspections. Since these roofs are mostly flat, they also accumulate more water during rains and storms, leading to more leaking and breaking than residential roofs. Therefore, they need frequent maintenance, which is often expensive. 

Meanwhile, a residential roof’s smaller surface area makes it easy to check the damages in time and get them repaired before they create further problems. So maintenance is less costly with residential roofs.

Installing a commercial roof is more complex and time-consuming, and hence, more expensive. Safety maintenance measures required in commercial roofing also add to the cost. Meanwhile, incorporating safety measures with residential roofs is comparatively cheaper, as you can choose from various materials as per your budget. Moreover, commercial roofs need to adhere to multiple safety measures, whereas for residential roofs, it’s only a few.

Because of their massive size and flat designs, commercial roofs are ideal for starting rooftop gardens and plantations. But this is not possible on residential roofing structures. Commercial roofs can also easily install solar panels. With a bit of creative imagination, you can put all that open space to excellent use.

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