How to Protect Your Roof from Harsh Weather

Your roof is your house’s first line of defense against extreme weather. Constant exposure to rain, wind, sunlight, storms, and hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to it. Here, we discuss how these elements can inflict damage to your roof and how you can protect it against them for greater longevity.

Sunlight may be vital to sustaining life, but it is harmful to your roof. Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can turn your roof shingles brittle and make them crack under the slightest pressure. You protect your roof from sunlight by using

A. UV-resistant coatings
B. Roofing materials made to withstand heat and UV radiation
C. Plastic membranes to block heat

It frequently rains in several parts of the US, damaging roofs, causing water-logging, leakage, algae growth, mold, mildew, and several other issues. 

Therefore, you need to inspect your roof after every rain and clear any water-logging or debris from gutters to prevent further damage. Look for other signs of wear and tear, such as water stains and discoloration on ceilings and walls. They show that your roof has certain spots vulnerable to leaks and seepage. Also, watch out for mold and mildew growth. They are common during rains as mold spores fester best on damp surfaces.

Strong winds can loosen your roof shingles or even break them. Although there are no quick fixes to prevent it, you can reduce the damage by conducting a roof inspection right after a storm and make repairs wherever required. Objects that penetrate your roof, such as pipes, vents, and chimneys, are usually the worst affected. So, ensure that you check these areas after every significant storm.

Snow can damage your roof, siding, and gutters severely. After every snowfall, remove ice buildup and ice ridges from your roof at the earliest. If delayed or left unattended, they can lead to expensive and extensive repairs or even a full-fledged replacement.

Nothing can damage your roof worse than a hailstorm. Constant hitting of heavy ice balls can crack and fracture roof shingles, exposing the area under them to further damage. You need to inspect such fractures and cracks immediately after the storm and repair them. Otherwise, your roof will start leaking from several places, and you will only know about it when the next rain hits.

You can protect your roof against extreme weather by using high-quality materials, doing regular inspections, and make repairs at the earliest. If it sounds tedious and time-consuming, you must get help from expert professionals.

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