Everything You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Letting natural light into your home has several benefits. It helps save energy, eliminates harmful microbes, and creates a pleasant environment for the occupants. Adding a skylight is an effective way to introduce more natural light into your home. But before doing so, you must consider the following eight factors to make an informed choice.

As skylights can only be installed at the roofline, the structure must be robust enough to support it. Stick-framed roofs are usually not a problem, but truss-framed roofs may present challenges in setting up a skylight. Therefore, inspect the frame closely for suitability to see if you can install a skylight.

Although glass is transparent, UV-resistant, and doesn’t easily discolor, it can be expensive. Use plastic glazing instead. It is pocket-friendly and provides better protection against damage.

Privacy and temperature regulation are common issues with skylights. But you can resolve them efficiently by using a protective glazing film. You can also use shades to control the amount of light you want.

Consider using a vented skylight. It will complement all the other windows in your house to enhance the overall air circulation.

Place the skylight in an area that needs natural light the most, such as the attic. You should also position it in a way that is directly exposed to the sun.

DIY skylight installation can be hazardous as there is a consistent risk of slips and falls. Besides, the job entails many technical tasks like removing shingles, installing the flashing and glazing, and more. It requires expertise; therefore, it is better to call a professional to help for optimal results.

You can find skylights that have built-in heat and rain sensors. They open on their own when they sense excessive heat inside the room and close when it’s raining, or the air is moisture-laden. However, the convenience comes at a higher cost.

According to the US department of energy, you should install a skylight with an incline that is 5 to 15 degrees higher than the latitude. It regulates internal heat gain in all weather conditions. The shape of your skylight also plays a part in determining the amount of light it lets in.

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