7 Types of Roofs You Should Know About

Roofs protect us from unpredictable and harsh weather, external threats and add to our home’s aesthetics. So, replacing or installing a new roof is a significant decision as it requires a considerable investment of time, effort, and money.
Therefore, you need to ensure you select the right roofing material for enduring comfort and safety. You also need to choose a roofing style that adds to your home’s beauty and functionality. Here we list the seven most popular roofing styles you can choose from.

If you want something unique and eye-catching, saltbox roofs can be your best option. They are asymmetrical in design; the shorter side has a steeper slope than the longer side. If you have a two-story house, the first story will have the shorter side and the second the longer side



They have four slopes, two on a house’s each side. The lower slope is steeper and more vertical. It is a French architectural design, which creates additional storage space at the top of the house.

These are arguably the most simple and conventional roofing structures. They are a popular choice for commercial spaces. However, they require more maintenance and care than other roofs.

They are optimal for small structures like the garage or pool shed instead of an entire house. Hip roofs and bonnet roofs are similar to pyramid roofs. However, bonnet roofs do not create a point at the top like pyramid roofs. Instead, they meet at the center to form a ridge.

Also known as pitched or peaked roofs, these are quite popular in the United States. These triangle-shaped roofs are widely used because they shed water and snow quickly, reducing the chances of damage caused by water-logging.

These roofs are a combination of gable and hip roofs, but they are more stable and spacious, making them a preferred choice among homeowners. However, they are more intricately designed and hence are costly.

These roofs have two tandem pieces angled upwards to form a V-shape, which creates a semblance of butterfly wings. They allow more natural light and can help conserve rainwater. If you want a contemporary and eco-friendly design, you must go for a butterfly roof.



Once you choose the most suitable roofing style for your house according to your taste, requirement, and budget, you will need a competent service provider for the best results.

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