6 Roofing Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

If done right, re-roofing can be a glamorous home improvement. It gives householders ample opportunities to upgrade their property’s aesthetics and reduce hefty maintenance costs. 
Therefore, when redoing your roof, ensure that the new additions add to its beauty, longevity, energy-efficiency, and functionality. They should also make your roof more convenient to repair and maintain and help save you money. 
Here we list six upgrades that can help you achieve it and reduce unnecessary expenses in the coming years.

Unlike the flashing installed to keep rain and birds away from chimney vents, airtight caps save energy. During winter, warm air from your home drifts outside when you are not using the fireplace. To prevent it, ask your roofer to install an airtight chimney cap before setting shingles. They will attach the airtight lid to a steel cable inside your fireplace. Pull it once the fire is out to stop air from rushing outside. It will also prevent birds from making nests in your chimney.

You can fix leaking roofs by installing eave flashing on the roof’s outer plane and forming a watertight seal. You can also install eave flashing around skylights and air vents.

Lofts heat like ovens in the summer and permeate the heat throughout the house, making it hot even with air conditioning is on. Proper ventilation will keep lofts from heating and putting extra pressure on your HVAC. If you don’t have ventilated lofts/attic, install ridge vents across the roof to prevent heat buildup from damaging your shingles.

Asphalt shingles are a common choice for most homeowners. However, you can replace them with energy-efficient shingles, which heat less than asphalt shingles and will keep your home cooler. Energy-efficient shingles are available in a wide range of colors and tones to make your house look aesthetically pleasing.

Solar shingles are the best choice for eco-aware homeowners. Earlier, people used to avoid them because of their unappealing aesthetics, but the new range of solar shingles looks quite like a traditional tile or metal roof. These shingles are made with improved technology. They act like solar cells to generate electricity and payback as huge savings on power bills.

Scrap your old gutter that keeps getting clogged repeatedly. An efficient gutter system will allow the water to flow away from your house to prevent staining and water-logging. If your gutters are misaligned or unsightly, consider installing new gutters.

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